Out On A Limb

There is a whole post that goes  along with this which you will find  over here  I just wanted to share that my wonderful cyber friend Anthony aka Grimmly, has just delivered the clearest most unassuming translation of the eightfold path to yoga, in plain modern English. In other words, he presents Ashtanga without drama:

1.    Reflect on and seek to practice the moral code of your culture.

2.    Work on your self discipline.

3.    Do some exercise of a non competitive nature to improve your health and flexibility if necessary (you might have a physical outdoorsy job for example).

4.    Calm your breathing (unless you have stress free outdoorsy job ).

5.   Turn inwards.

6.   Focus your attention on something worthy.

7.   Contemplate it and then contemplate what is contemplating what.

8.   See what happens next.



Doing Things Twice

Did you know that if you had metal fillings while young, cavities can still form underneath them??? I found out that  since my last dental exam I was now the owner of six cavities so deep that I spent five hours on the dentist chair. It could have been less hours but they did not have any more appointments until after December and that would mean leaving insurance money on the table. So now I have been drilled on twice in the same place, and I have no compulsion in saying that I am not interested in being still alive for the third time.

When I first became interested in yoga, I did not read the Sutras, The Gita, or The Yoga Pradipika. I read these

contentth-1thAnd now I have to read them again before I visit India, because I read them too early into my practice and retained very little.












Also about doing things twice, I wish we as a nation would not have to suffer the embarrassment twice, of seeing proof that we acted like the Germans, who would not believe what the Nazis had done. The Nazis also believed they were the good guys, Dick.

Don’t Throw The Baby

And don’t drink the bath water either. I realize there are some of you who are not on Facebook, so I am sharing Matthew Remski’s latest post here. It really captures what many of us are grappling with right this minute. I once read a comment where someone said Matthew doesn’t write, that he just types. Don’t I wish I could type like this then. Please understand that this is not an indictment on how you spend your time or how much time you spend doing what you do. It is about follow up. Doing asana, meditating, and buying organic fair trade while doing little else is like getting all dressed up to stay in your bedroom. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you just have to go outside.


Recent Findings

Random findings. I like lists.

- Bulletproof coffee is awesome. It tastes great, it’s a shot of energy, but it gives you (or maybe just me) diarrhea. Maybe just the first time only? We will see what happens tomorrow.

- A lot of people are okay with a tiny bit (their concept of tiny is quite broad)of  violence, racism and misogyny in contemporary society. Talk about the lust for comfort killing the soul. (that’s Kahil Gibran paraphrased)

- Yogis who have a few years of regular practice under their belt have absolutely no idea of what appears in the pages of Yoga Journal, unless someone starts complaining about an article on social media. Then it turns out that all the complaining was about nothing at all, for sometimes nitpicking on a word is how people soothe themselves.

- the best thing I ate this thanksgiving was a serving of Momofuku’s blackened brussels sprouts. If interested you will type and search.

-Dentists now show you photos of your teeth while they are examining them. I will recover eventually.

- I understand that you need photos of your asana practice for your business brochure, your website, and to demonstrate a specific instruction or tip you are sharing. As a client and a student and a reader, AND an admirer,  I would like to say that I don’t love it if your beautiful photos flood my instagram feed. It is the yoga equivalent of making us look at every single photo you took on your month long vacation in the Amalfi Coast. I know you know what I mean. I am a grateful student, I am just saying that most people prefer a middle dosage.

-Daily Japa is very very underrated. It is what calms me the eff down these days. I feel bad for dissing and hiding from my great aunts and their afternoon rosary session.

- I wish there was a guy in a bike that would come around and buy my compost like in a certain neighborhood in Austin, TX. I hate feeding and turning that drum, then realize I am not going to plant anything in the Spring because I don’t want to fight the squirrels.

- I have not detected this year’s car ornament for the season. No wreath on the front hood of your SUV’s ? No reindeer nose? No antlers? Come on Connecticut , give me something!



The Name of This Blog Sucks

And the little description below the title sounds pretty ridiculous as well on a day like this. I am here to tell you that the yoga is very hard to implement when lives are deemed less valuable than ruining black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and forgive me if I don’t know what the angle is for making you spend on Wednesday.


Hermit Hiatus

932ebd6f4a50ec8fd0cab8dead4cbecdI spent the entire past week indoors, in a hoodie and sweatpants, eating food that did not need preparation and was mostly white in color. The only thing I omitted from this spiral was booze because I did not have any and did not want to go outside to get some. I did some variations of 10 to 15 minute asanas every day, but only so I would feel that I was still part of a yoga community and I could comment on shit online without being a hypocrite. Sometimes a human gets slightly depressed, in the same way one can catch a cold, a skin rash, or a yeast infection. It passes, you feel better, and you get on with it. So I am going out early tomorrow to partake of communal practice. Kind of bloated, kind of stiff, but less frowny, less pouty, and way less despondent. Looking forward to feeling positively giddy about any old thing, which I must admit is a tall order during this ridiculous time of year. One thing I do look forward to every year is early led morning practice on Thanksgiving day, it never get old. Speaking about community, I also could not help notice through out this week that most Ashtanga practitioners and teachers who I admire and respect seldom get drawn into the back and forth  that occurs during recurring bursts of online Ashtanga ranting/bashing. They seem to never take the bait ( and I do mean bait) to join the fray. That silence speaks in calm, steady, easy volumes to me.