Maybe It’s A Sign

My Sadhana Is Taking Over My Life. ~ David Robson | elephant journal.

I shared this on my FB wall because Sadhana sounds way more heavenly than addiction. I Kid, I kid. The other thing that captured my attention was the mention of the hour in which he starts his practice. 3 AM is the exact hour when myself and millions of menopausal women snap wide awake and then toss and turn until it is time to go to practice, which curiously is also the time when your body decides it wants to fall asleep again. So why not take advantage of that “surge”  like certain health experts like to call it and roll that mat out and practice with all the hard core ashtanga teachers who have to  practice then, so they can adjust us later? Yesterday I read two other relevant blogs to this possible experiment: One mentions the advantages of practicing without verbal cues, and the other one mentions why mysore teachers rock, and it is because they fit in their practice before they teach. I know mine is  done by seven AM, except on Fridays, when you have the option to join her for a self guided practice right before sitting meditation followed by led primary.

6 thoughts on “Maybe It’s A Sign

  1. Let my start by saying that you look galaxies away from menopause, so I’ll assume you are speaking as a Mysore teacher. I should have mentioned that your teaching schedule determines the best time for your practice. if you can fit it in, get some chow and clean up a little before we supplicants start showing up, you’re good right?

  2. I wonder if we put Chinese medicine health theories and ayurveda theories to battle, how much clashing there would be. I don’t think 3am is a good time to wake up according to Chinese meridian theories. Or it’s an indication that someone’s liver fire is too strong or something. But devoted Ashtangis would practice at 3am daily look pretty healthy to me….

    • Y, my eyes pop open at 3:11, and nobody’s more unhappy about it than I am. I have oodles of time at my disposal so I don’t need the early rise. Mysore teachers are short on time so they really have to greet Surya. I don’t know enough about TCM or Ayurveda to comment on liver issues, but I definitely have been taxing my liver lately. I also read in a history book once that before electricity people would wake up at 3 AM, do a little pondering and nap again until sunrise…I’m just fooling with the idea of trying a practice instead of just lying there while the beloved snores.

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  3. My teacher used to talk about the hours of 3amish to 6am being the “hours of God” so a great time for meditation :) Hubby and I are BOTH awake often at 3am and he thinks it is a syndrome that happens after age 50…LOL. I take magnesium though and more often than not these days, I am able to sleep through until 5am and then I get up to practice before teaching classes.

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