After a fabulous fast energizing primary, and a tough but healing massage therapy session I arrived home to this:

Those were 200 year old pine trees which were the home of so many birds, squirrels, and their many predators I suppose. Some mornings and evenings there was so much going on  among those branches  that I felt like Mrs. Kravitz from Bewiched checking out all the action. I never imagined that the owners of that property would even consider cutting down those trees, otherwise I would have been an obnoxious calling town hall bitch. Who knows what kind of monstrosity is going to go up in less than half an acre. Heartsick.

6 thoughts on “Eviction

      • It hits me viscerally when large, old trees are cut down. Especially trees in places where I walk frequently. There’s a relationship there, and something very real is lost. Mourning is the appropriate response, at least for crazy treehuggers like me… Maybe your neighbors are nicer than they seem, and just a bit clueless.

      • I was surprised by the intensity of my reaction. You are right about the relationship aspect because it is not about my view or esthetics a all. I also agree that sometimes people have absolutely no idea that they have done something harmful or inconsiderate.

  1. +1 for a visceral reaction to seeing healthy, old trees being cut down. I was 16 when a row of healthy trees across the street from our apartment in Singapore were cut to make way for construction. Those trees were a part of my childhood landscape and I was appalled at how casually they (and nature in general) were treated. But that’s the reality I suppose. When you have enough money to do whatever you want, nature and landscapes become a commodity, not something to respect.

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