Over Explaining

I have bunch of errands to run before I leave for Maine this weekend, so what do I go ahead and do? I stick my car into my future neighbor’s brand new stone wall this morning. All this because I was spooked by a bunch of re-bar (long metal rods) that were left in my driveway because it is going to be repaved while we are away. I must have done something really awesome in another lifetime to deserve my husband, because he turned around halfway through his commute and came back to turn me off. I malfunction quite badly sometimes and have to be unplugged so I don’t blow a fuse, or heaven forbid the whole transformer. The car has a scratch but so does the tape that runs through my head. Will attempt a home practice a little later when I’ve had some more tea. Maybe I really hated the idea of having to go to Costco…Can you believe I’m actually friends with an awesome chick who teaches professional race car driving?? Neither can I. Because I feel I should say something positive today (evidence that yoga does work outside the mat), I am averaging almost 40 miles of walking for the third week in a row. This is some of what I get to see on those walks:

2 thoughts on “Over Explaining

  1. I tried the hysterical crying followed by a half primary:D Still have a little headache but it’s an improvement over crying and back to bed. Thanks for leaving a comment today. Much appreciated.

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