I Am Not A Famous Yogi

And thank goodness because I mostly moan and whine here. But after reading Matthew Remski’s post on EJ :

The Yoga Community Must Shelve Both Idealism and Politeness to Loudly and Publicly Endorse Obama. Right Now. Who’s In?.

I am endorsing Barack Hussein Obama on my little Blog mostly for ethical reasons, but also because he does not believe there is a planet Kobol.

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6 thoughts on “I Am Not A Famous Yogi

    • Dear Lords of Kobol!!! I just dissed Battlestargalactica. Thanks Matthew. I hope Mormons are not litigious because the have a case if they want to annoy the writers of BSG.

  1. Your blog is awesome! Great that you are endorsing Obama, can’t speak for everywhere in Europe but I know all of Ireland and France are rooting for Obama too. Good luck on Tuesday!

    • Thanks, I really wish we had a third party that was progressive. I made the mistake of voting Nader in 2000. Cannot afford to do that again even though I like Jill Stein.

  2. Why not vote for Stein or Johnson? So many people don’t even know they are running so once again we are stuck with voting for the lesser of two evils. Wouldn’t it send a message even if neither of them win?

    • Hi Anon, Stein actually aligns with all of my values. However I still feel responsible for what happened to our nation during the Cheney presidency because I voted for Nader.

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