“How Much Does It Cost To Be You?”

I stole this tittle from David Caine’s fine blog at http://www.raptitude.com/2012/12/how-much-does-it-cost-to-be-you/ which I read regularly but had fallen behind during crazy time. The husband and I do a new year’s ritual (he loves it I hate it) of budget tweaking to see where we can save, stick it to the man, live simpler, & do more of what we want. If you keep records of previous tweakings (he does because he is a paper hoarding dork) you will notice changes and also some stubborn ruts.  Example,our restaurant consumption has decreased dramatically, but our wine buying stays stubbornly high. My dork also bought the new version of Quicken where you can scan all your receipts and it shows you your buying behavior in a pie chart as often as you wish. He said that if I was going to be a dork about my exercise/food intake/sleep pattern with my wrist band he could be a dork with Quicken. Fair is fair. What can be measured can be changed said some philistine somewhere. Keeping track of what you consume/purchase can be very revealing when you want to redefine or refine who you are or want to be.

2 thoughts on ““How Much Does It Cost To Be You?”

  1. Eek, this is what we should be doing but aren’t. I like the quicken idea, getting a pie-chart, though I would be a bit scared to see it – I know our wine budget is like a whole separate thing, and probably shamefully high. A running joke in this household is “but that wouldn’t even cover our monthly liquor bill!” Fortunately, or unfortunately maybe, you can’t really get receipts in this country, unless you have tons of patience, so that keeps us in relative ignorance for now.

    • You can make your categories as vague or as specific as you want with the quicken software. On our first try, our miscellaneous category was more than half the pie chart!! What I really wanted to write about on this post but lost my train of thought, was how to evaluate your potential purchases/spending with “Does this help me be who I want to be?” Now that was scary.

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