Is energy prana? I will read up on that. I bring this up because earlier this week I experienced a circumstance that extracted, depleted, drained, (I could go on) every ounce of ability I had to commune, participate, or share space with another being. I know it sounds dramatic but I cannot even  give attention to what my husband is saying in conversation, or rather I cannot offer or participate in an exchange. I know that this might sound a bit insane but it did happen and I am sure it was done without the intention to harm me. All I know is that I was left with barley energy to get out of bed, much less go outside. To clarify: I am not depressed. and I did not undergo a dangerous or threatening episode, just a sharing of space where I very literally mean energy or life force was sucked from me, and again I reiterate that it probably happened with no ill intention or wish to do harm. All I know is that it felt a little supernatural and invasive and now you know that sometimes I maybe misplace my full deck. I need my full deck this weekend, because lots of love is coming my way and I need to be able to enjoy and reciprocate.

Pipe Dream Lessons

First lesson is unrelated to the post but it happened thanks to the reason for posting now. Put smoked paprika on your french fries. I am injured so I am writing this while enjoying a cocktail and lunch at midtown hotel bar. At the risk of sounding like an aging hooker, I have a profound love for cosmopolitan hotel bars and their bartenders. I consider them a hallmark of civilization. Okay, so as soon as I decided that I was never not going to hop into headstand, and the point was to be upside down for a good long time, teacher decided that of course it was possible. So yesterday it was decided that I would hang out with my knees bent for awhile. My neck said FU Maria this morning. Specifically the back muscles that meet the neck are saying FU. So I am apologizing by spending a beautiful day in Manhattan and hoping my neck is ready to try again without ruining my Tim Feldman weekend.

Mysore Room Bonanza

There are now four places (that I know of) in CT where you can attend Mysore practice using the Ashtanga yoga method as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. I write this as I did an abbreviated practice in my own room since the evidence of my kapha dosha is running like a faucet thanks to April and I’d rather it be my floor than V’s or a mate’s mat during a movement. So anyway, for many years it was just my teacher’s Mysore room, first in her own home and then in a rented studio space, in all of CT. Then came Jois Yoga in Greenwich. Then they left, and Authorized Level 2 Megan Riley founded Ashtanga Yoga CT in Greenwich. Now recently Authorized Level 2 teacher and Co-owner of Kaia Yoga, Stan Woodman is opening Mysore rooms in two of his three studio locations. A morning program in Greenwich and an afternoon program in Darien. So now CT gets to choose where and who to practice with. As you all know I am a person who enjoys yoga travel and yoga tourism. However, I follow good advice and have settled on a teacher who patiently has learned my body’s capabilities and my mind’s anxieties. Will other teachers have the same gifts or even better ones? No doubt, and I suggest you visit, evaluate and then decide. My suggestion is not only for the health of your practice but also for the health of  the studios that are investing and starting Mysore programs. These programs thrive and become stable when they become a community of regulars. Am I saying that you cannot visit? I absolutely plan to visit. My dear pal N teaches at Ashtanga yoga CT and my other dear pal P teaches at Kaia Darien,  and I want to stop by and support them. But I do see Eddie Stern’s point when he discourages jumping around shalas all over NYC and accepts guests and visitors from farther distances than across town or uptown. It is a grace note as well as a good business practice. SO here is to wishing that Mysore practice in CT thrives, and that everybody’s room is full of students who will honor their teachers who rise to do their own practice while we are still negotiating with our pillows.

Mind Blown

I found this on the annoying side bar of Facebook, then went ahead and watched it and when I went back to Facebook to see who shared/referenced or posted, I could not find it. So out of memory I will say Angela Jamison said something about it and when she says something I always click and  listen. This is epic. Way above my yoga education level, but obviously youtube is fixing that. “Not even your imagination can override you” . Time to read the Gita again.

It Happens

Just don’t quit when it does. Last Monday was a very revealing day for me and I do not say that with any type of gladness. Ignorance is indeed bliss. Harmful bliss if there is such a thing, but reality does sting a hard, particularly when it arrives. During a series of “research”poses with guidance, I came to realize that most of my preliminaries are unbalanced and unstable in one way or another. I was so overwhelmed by figuring out that I had been reinforcing incorrect placement or rotation or whatever it is that allows me to grab my toe, keep balance or twist, for all these years, that I took yesterday off to mope. I am still mopey, so instead of practicing in community I practiced alone outside in the sun. I coaxed myself by agreeing to do one side my way and the other side the impossible (for now) way. Less benefit probably, but less harmful than quitting. This is how I know Ashtanga is not a workout. I have no need for an exercise high, or to look in shape or thin or radiant, or healthy, or whatever code word is being used for hot. I’m rebelliously quite fine with the way I am as long as the clothes I love still fit. What Ashtanga has done for me, is that it dramatically improved my ability to accept and allow and receive. I am so much more than the body that is fretting because her leg is no longer as high up in UHP. There is so much going on that has absolutely nothing to do with the meat draped on my bones and covered in skin, that I am flabbergasted when I realize I went through half my life without noticing the non physical.